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Sustainable fashion

Unit 7


p. 104-115

Activity 5
Sustainable fashion
p. 110‑111

Emma Watson
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Get ready! Quiz: what do you know about Emma Watson? Tick the correct answer(s).

1) Emma is...

2) At Brown University, she studied...

3) She considers herself a...

4) She was the first to win...

5) She owns an Instagram account dedicated to...
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First watching. Watch the video.
Tick the words you hear.

b. Pick out the following information.

Type of document:
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a. Second watching. Fill in the gaps in this extract from the script.

[...] It’s basically a ! I made a choice last year that I would only wear fashion on the . The fashion is the second biggest of fresh water on the planet, it has such a huge impact, such a big impact and it’s not just enough for me anymore that it’s a beautiful or it’s a beautiful , I wanna know that it’s not leaving a .

b. Tick the correct answer(s).

1) The Met Ball is the...

2) Emma’s outfit was created by...

3) The outfit is made of...

4) The idea of the dress is that it is...

5) For Emma, fashion should be about...

6) A sustainable purchase means wearing the item...

7) According to Emma, the definition of luxury is...
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Let's recap! Present Emma Watson and her cause orally.

Useful vocabulary: This video is a/an… Emma Watson speaks about… She is particularly involved in… This cause is important because… Everyone can help by…
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