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Activity 4

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Faith from the video game Mirror's Edge.

Michael Scofield from the TV show Prison Break.

Jack from the video game Mass Effect.
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You are in charge of one character.

Select a heavily-tattooed fictional character: one of the three above or another of your choice. Search the Internet to find out more about him or her.

What do his / her tattoos mean to him / her?

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with the other groups and learn about other fictional characters.

What are their similarities or differences?

How have their tattoos influenced their lives?

Are they representative of real-life people?

From French to English


La traduction de « même »

  • Le même (similaire) identical / similar / the same

  • Même (y compris)even
  • Ex : Even I understand this. → Même moi, je le comprends.

  • La vérité même (personnifié(e))itself / herself /… , exact
  • Ex : She is kindness itself. → Elle est la gentillesse incarnée.

  • Même siEven if

  • Quand même all the same, anyway…

  • Un mème (Internet)a meme

    Exercices p. 9

    Let's learn!

    Guess who?

    Match the descriptions with the correct picture on this double page.
    a) He has a demon tattooed on his chest.
    b) Her arms are covered with tribal tattoos.
    c) She has a tattoo on her scalp.
    Now, make your own! Write a sentence about one of the characters or people on this double page. The class will guess who it refers to!

    Over to you!

    Ink Hall of Fame

    Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or !

    You’ve been asked to contribute to the Ink Hall of Fame at Write an article about your favorite screen character and how his or her tattoos have influenced his or her life.

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