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Standing out from the crowd?
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Activity 5

Standing out from the crowd?

Group 1: The Whole Glory tattoo parlour

A lucky customer at the “Whole Glory” pop-up tattoo parlor, 2016.

Group 2: A Guinness World Record

Lucky Diamond Rich, 2008.

Group 3: Ink Masters

“Ink Master”, TV series, 2012-present.

Group 4: Everything has beauty

Infinity symbol tattoos: infinite two
Infinity symbol tattoos: infinite finger
Infinity symbol tattoos: infinite wristle



  • be famous /ˈfεɪməs/ = be a celebrity (exp.)
  • stand out from the crowd (exp.)
  • design / drawing / pattern (n.)
  • gist (n.) → general idea
  • tattoo artist (n.)
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Each group is in charge of one document.

Workbook p. 58

Look at the photo. What strikes you at first?

a. Watch the video. Be ready to present it.
b. What is special about this video?

c. What vision of tattooed people is given?

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmates and learn about the other documents.

What are the similarities and differences?

How do tattoos enable people to stand out from the crowd ?

As a customer, would you go to the “Whole Glory” tattoo parlor or take part in the Ink Masters TV show? Why or why not?

Language in progress

Exprimer la possession

  • Lorsqu’on a un sujet singulier, on marque la possession en ajoutant ’s à la fin du mot.
    Ex : The doctor’s lab coat covers his tattoos.
  • Lorsqu’on a un sujet pluriel qui se termine par s, on rajoute simplement une apostrophe.
    Ex : The players’ clubmates will…
  • Pour les noms propres (personnes, pays, lieux, nations, animaux) ou les expressions de temps, expressions figées terminant par un s, on peut utiliser ’s ou ’

Exercices p. 9

Précis grammatical p. 264

Let's learn!

Spelling Bee

Select five important words from the unit. Practice spelling them.
Turn to three classmates, pool your words and compete against each other by spelling them. One of you draws a word and another has to spell it.

Over to you!

How far will you go to stand out from the crowd?

Let’s use what you have learnt in !

Your best friend wants the two of you to draw the same picture on your arms. Do you agree? Discuss it with her or him and write an Instagram post about it. Is having the same drawing on your arm a way to represent your friendship?

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