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Chapter 8

Big brands, Tiny hands

What can we do to help the world's children?
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Today you can...

  • discuss the past,
  • recount past experiences,
  • express obligations,
  • tell stories objectively.

Tomorrow you will...

  • discuss past habits,
  • link past actions with present observations,
  • express obligation and permission in different ways,
  • use the passive voice to talk about exploitation,
  • learn about child labour and charities.

Mission 1

Launch an awareness campaign

  • Describe a photograph.
  • Watch a video report.
  • Design a flyer.

Mission 2

Play roles in a press conference

  • React to a quote.
  • Watch a news report.
  • Read a web page.

Final challenge

Publish a video against child labour

  • Interview a child labour activist.
  • Create a brochure.
  • Record a video clip.