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Lighting Up Africa

Unit 14

8 • Territory and Memory
WB p. 100

Lighting Up Africa
Flag of South Africa
Flag of Nigeria
Flag of Ghana
Flag of Cameroun

➜ How have the Commonwealth African countries and diaspora thrived on their double heritage?

Retrouvez un quiz d’anticipation et un quiz de révisions pour cette unité, à faire en classe en direct !

Retrouvez une banque d'audios et de vidéos authentiques en lien avec cette thématique.

Serious Game

en lien avec cette unité disponible dès cet été !

The 2019 Commonwealth Young Person of the Year, Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi. She was born and raised in Nigeria and is the Executive Director of Stand to End Rape Initiative, a Not-for-Profit Organization fighting against sexual violence.

Get ready!

a. Look at the vocabulary list. Find a title for each category. Think of other words to add to it.

b. What is the Commonwealth of Nations? How many countries are members? Go online to find information if necessary.

Look at the picture. How does it convey a positive image of the Commonwealth?
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Watch the video. Be ready to sum it up and present it.

Discuss these brainstorming questions with your classmates: Can you name some celebrities from English-speaking African countries? Do you think African nations are now fully independent or still shaped by their colonial history?

Read the idiom of the week. Rephrase it in your own words and give examples.
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  • emerging (adj.)
  • relevant (adj.)
  • have an impact (exp.)
  • challenges (n.)
  • dominance (n.)
  • empire (n.)
  • partnership (n.)

Let’s learn!

Definition game

Write 10 key words on pieces of papers and their definitions on others. Who will be able to match them up?
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Idiom of the week!

Bear fruit


This metaphor conveys the idea of an endeavour delivering the desired results. These results could take a long time to appear - as in the original image of a tree or bush producing fruit. This expression also appears in the Bible, where ‘fruit’ is used in a spiritual sense.

Africa Lights Up

Box 1
  • collective destiny (exp.)
  • cultural inheritance (exp.)
  • bond / ties (n.)
  • borders (n.)
  • heritage / legacy (n.)
  • history (n.)
  • renewal / revival (n.)
  • values (n.)
  • preserve (one's heritage) (v.)

Box 2
  • influential (adj.)
  • innovative (adj.)
  • defy stereotypes (exp.)
  • face challenges (exp.)
  • find a balance (exp.)
  • take a new look at (exp.)
  • expand (v.)
  • reinvent (v.)
  • trust (v. or n.)

Box 3
  • autonomous (adj.)
  • independent (adj.)
  • self-reliant (adj.)
  • break free from (exp.)
  • outcpme (v.)
  • advocate (v.)
  • empower (v.)

Box 4
  • potential (adj.)
  • believe in sthg. (exp.)
  • create a network (exp.)
  • give a rise to (exp.)
  • firm (n.)
  • partnership (n.)
  • platform (n.)
  • prospect (n.)
  • start-up (n.)
  • collaborate (v.)
  • invest (v.)
  • launch (v.)
  • provide (v.)
  • negotiate (v.)
  • supply (v.)
  • trade (v.)

Box 5
  • victorious (adj.)
  • prosperous (adj.)
  • triumphant (adj.)
  • wealth (n.)
  • achieve (v.)
  • grow (v.)
  • own / possess (v.)
  • succeed /thrive (v.)

On your way to the task ❯❯ Step 1

Make an attractive ad for a promising start-up aiming at the African market.

❯❯ Step 2

Appeal for crowdfunding for an innovative project.

❯❯ Your final project

Participate in the next Commonwealth Summit, due to be held in Kigali in 2020.
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