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Chivalry Isn't Dead!

Unit 8

5 • Fiction and Realities
WB p. 60

Chivalry Isn’t Dead!
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➜ How is today’s pop culture still influenced by medieval tales?

Retrouvez un quiz d’anticipation et un quiz de révisions pour cette unité, à faire en classe en direct !

Retrouvez une banque d'audios et de vidéos authentiques en lien avec cette thématique.

Serious Game

Retrouvez un Genially pour anticiper la séquence en cliquant ici.

Star Wars poster 2015

Get ready!

a. List words and concepts you associate with medieval times.

b. Find a title for each vocabulary list.

a. Look at the picture. Pick out elements inspired by medieval imagery.

b. How have these elements been updated for a sci-fi setting?
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Watch the video.

a. Write down the elements relating to medieval times.

b. What do the Jedi represent? What are the values associated with them?

c. Discuss the link between Star Wars and medieval fiction. To you, is it obvious or ridiculous?

Discuss these brainstorming questions with your classmates:

How can we twist medieval fiction to make it more appealing today? Are you a fan of medieval fantasy? Can you name other works of medieval fiction?

Read the idiom of the week.
Rephrase it in your own words and give examples.
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  • determined /dɪˈtз:mɪnd/ (adj.)
  • droid (n.)
  • lightsaber (n.)
  • spaceship (n.)
  • cross (v.)

Let’s learn!

Knights’ word battle

Divide into threes. One player gives a word from the vocabulary lists, then the other two must each provide a word from the same category. One point for each right answer.

Knight in armour

Idiom of the week!

Knight in shining armour


The idiom “knight in shining armour” dates back to Victorian times, when stories about heroic medieval warriors battling against the forces of evil became especially popular. These fearless heroes often found time to rescue a princess or two along the way. They were popular tales that were handed down from generation to generation, and the inspiration behind famous stories such as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the Three Musketeers

Medieval Fantasy

box 1
  • adventurous (adj.)
  • confident (adj.)
  • courageous /kəˈrɛɪdʒəs/ / valiant / brave (adj.)
  • courteous (adj.)
  • daring (adj.)
  • dauntless / fearless (adj.)
  • gallant (adj.)
  • stout /ˈstaʊt/ (adj.)

box 2
  • armo(u)r (n.)
  • breast plate (n.)
  • chain mail (n.)
  • gauntlet /ˈgɔːntlɪt/ (n.)
  • helmet (n.)
  • iron (n.)
  • plating (n.)
  • shield (n.)
  • steel (n.)

box 3
  • clergyman (n.)
  • craftsman (n.)
  • entertainer (n.)
  • king / queen (n.)
  • knight (n.)
  • peasant /ˈpɛzənt/ (n.)
  • prince / princess (n.)
  • serf /ˈsɜːf/ (n.)
  • squire (n.)

box 4
  • assault /əˈsɔːlt/ (v.)
  • battle / fight (v.)
  • challenge (v.)
  • duel (v.)
  • protect (v.)
  • resist (v.)
  • strive (v.)
  • struggle (v.)

box 5
  • banshee (n.)
  • dragon (n.)
  • elf (n.)
  • fairy (n.)
  • gnome /ˈnəʊm/ (n.)
  • goblin (n.)
  • mermaid /ˈmɜːrˌmɛɪd/ (n.)
  • ogre /ˈəʊgə/ (n.)
  • pixie (n.)
  • troll (n.)

box 6
  • battle axe (n.)
  • club (n.)
  • crossbow (n.)
  • flail (n.)
  • longbow (n.)
  • mace /ˈmɛɪs/ (n.)
  • sabre /ˈsɛɪbə/ / sword /ˈsɔːd/ (n.)
  • spear /ˈspɪə/ (n.)
  • war hammer (n.)

On your way to the task ❯❯ Step 1

Write an article about the medieval and modern codes used in today’s fiction.

❯❯ Step 2

Discuss the best trailer for a medieval fantasy film club.

❯❯ Your final project

Present the pitch for a new TV series or movie in the medieval fantasy genre.
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