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Language in Progress

A. Grammar at Work : Les propositions subordonnées relatives

Précis grammatical p. 285

Observe and deduce!

a. Relevez les pronoms relatifs dans la bande-dessinée ci-dessus.

b. Complétez la règle suivante d’utilisation des pronoms relatifs.

Une proposition subordonnée relative est introduite par un pronom relatif. Lorsque l’antécédent de ce pronom est un humain on utilise . Pour le reste, on utilise , ou . Un pronom relatif peut occuper les fonctions grammaticales de ou d' dans la relative.
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Complétez le texte suivant avec les pronoms relatifs adéquats.

Macbeth, 1) was written in 1606, deals with the rise and fall of Macbeth, an honest but ambitious soldier 2) became a murderer. It all began with three witches 3) are called the Weird Sisters. They voiced a prophecy according to 4) Macbeth would be King of Scotland. Macbeth, 5) wife Lady Macbeth is even more ambitious than him, was very intrigued. Lady Macbeth later urged him to commit the murders 6) would haunt him throughout the play.
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cartoon on relatives

D. Vocabulary in Progress

Trouvez des synonymes de ces mots dans les listes de vocabulaire p. 139.

1) bad ➜
2) opponents ➜
3) courageous ➜
4) kill ➜
5) warlike ➜
6) deceitful, hypocritical ➜
7) govern ➜
8) bloodbath ➜
9) honest ➜
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E. Phonology in Progress : La prononciation de ‑ed

Précis phonologique p. 263

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Écoutez puis notez la prononciation du -ed des mots en gras.
ex 4

Ophelia was Hamlet’s beloved . She drowned herself in a brook and thus escaped Hamlet’s vengeful madness. He failed to save her from death as he busied himself to avenge his deceased father. Ophelia started to lose hope as soon as she noticed Hamlet couldn’t be stopped . From then on, she no longer cared . The Hamlet who composed poems no longer existed He only plotted and killed , manipulated and ruminated . “To be or not to be?” he asked . What for indeed, when all living things are doomed to die?
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