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A Game of Queens

Activity 3

A Game of Queens

Group 1

Pour ce groupe, retrouvez le document vidéo en cliquant ici.

Watch the video, focusing more on what you see than on what you hear. Describe:

Lady Macbeth’s body language and attitude towards her husband Macbeth’s reactions, gestures and eyes
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Watch the video again and fill in the gaps in Lady Macbeth’s speech. Use the information from the table above for help.

What 1) was there that made you break this enterprise to me? And when you 2) do it, then you were a 3) . I have given suck and I know how tender it is to 4) the babe that milks me. I would, while it was smiling in my face, have plucked my nipples from his boneless gums, had I 5) as you have done to this. [...] We 6) ? But screw your 7) to the sticking place, and we’ll not 8) .
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Group 2

Queen Anne is addressing Richard, Earl of Gloucester, after he murdered her husband King Edward and the latter’s father, King Henry.


Cursed be the hand that made these fatal holes!
Cursed be the heart that had heart to do it!
Cursed be the blood that let this blood from hence! [...]
Foul devil, for God’s sake, hence, and trouble us not;
For thou1 hast made the happy earth thy2 hell,
Fill’d it with cursing cries and deep exclaims. [...]
Blush, blush, thou lump of foul deformity; [...]
O God, which this blood madest, revenge his death! [...]
Either heaven with lightning strike the murderer dead,
Or earth, gape open wide and eat him quick.

Richard III (Act I, scene 2), William Shakespeare, around 1593.

1. you
2. your

Present your document. (Who? What? Where? When?)

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Match each sentence below with its equivalent from the text.

1) Be doomed you who felt like killing my husband. ➜
2) Go away now! ➜
3) You hateful, ugly monster! ➜
4) Earth, I command you to swallow him, please. ➜
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Pick out all the references to murder in Queen Anne’s speech and guess how her husband was killed.

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What is the mood of her speech? Pick out two adjectives and justify.


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Group 3

 I was born at Dragonstone.
 Not that I can remember it.
 We fled before Robert’s assassins could find us.
 Robert was your father’s best friend, no? I wonder if your father knew his best friend sent assassins to murder a baby girl in her crib.
 Not that it matters now, of course.
 I spent my life in foreign lands.
 So many men have tried to kill me, I don’t remember all their names.
 I have been sold like a broodmare.
 I’ve been chained and betrayed, raped and defiled.
 Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith.
 Not in any gods, not in myths and legends.
 In myself.
 In Daenerys Targaryen.
 The world hadn’t seen a dragon in centuries until my children were born.
 The Dothraki hadn’t crossed the sea, any sea.
 They did for me!
 I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms, and I will.

Daenerys Targaryen’s speech, Game of Thrones, Season 7, episode 3.

Find an equivalent in the text for each of the following words.

1) berceau (n.) ➜
2) jument (n.) ➜
3) s’interroger (v.) ➜
4) trahie (adj.) ➜
5) être important (v.) ➜
6) souillée (adj.) ➜
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True or false? Justify by quoting the text.

1) Robert killed a baby girl.

2) She had to stay away from her own country.

3) Daenerys has been humiliated many times.

4) She is a believer / religious.

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Pick out two words from the toolbox on p. 143 to describe Daenerys and justify by quoting the text.

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Groups 1, 2 & 3
Let's recap! Present your queen. Then choose two questions to ask the other groups in order to find out more about their queens.

1) What is her speech about?
2) What are her reasons for speaking out?
3) How powerful is she?
4) How would you react if she was talking to you?

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