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Movie corner
Activity 2

Movie corner

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Pick a movie from the selection and watch its trailer.

Be ready to present your film. Focus on the representation of the workplace and describe it.

Useful vocabulary: This movie was released in…
It deals with… The workplace looks…

Let's talk this out!

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Would you consider working there?

Useful vocabulary: This kind of environment is / seems to be a good environment for…
I would love to work in an environment where I can…
I would hate to…
I loathe…
I dislike…

▬ Movie / series selection ▬

TV series and reports:

  • Pirates of Silicon Valley, by Martyn Burke, 1999.
  • The Social Network, by David Fincher, 2010.
  • The Internship, by Shawn Levy, 2013.
  • Jobs, by Joshua Michael Stern, 2013.
  • Silicon Valley (series),by Mike Judge, 2014.
  • Steve Jobs,by Danny Boyle, 2015.
  • The Circle, by James Ponsoldt, 2017.

From French to English


La traduction de « trop »

  • Trop + adj /adv :
    Too + adjectif ou adverbe
    Ex : Is Silicon Valley too powerful?
  • V + trop :
    → V + too much
    Ex : Since he has moved to Silicon Valley, he works too much.
  • Trop + nom :
    Too many + nom dénombrable
    Ex : There are too many people left behind.
    Too much + nom indénombrable
    Ex : Some CEOs have too much power.
Exercices p. 58

Let's learn!

Where is it?

Choose a logo on the map and describe the company to your classmates to help them locate the company you have chosen.

Over to you!

Design an advertising campaign

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or in !

You are in charge of making a new campaign to promote Silicon Valley.

Discuss with your team to decide which companies you choose to include in your campaign and why.
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