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Whimsical workplaces
Activity 3

Whimsical workplaces

Group 1: Coolest Perks in the Valley

Coolest Perks in the Valley

Group 2: Mega Perks

Mega Perks
Concerned about the kids? Childcare is on campus. Need to shop and cook? Have the family dine at Google. Dirty laundry piling up? Bring it in to the office. Bring Fido too, so he doesn’t get lonely. There’s a climbing wall, nap pods (lay down in the capsule, set the alarm, zzzzz), a bowling alley, multiple gyms, a variety of healthy cafes, mini kitchens, and classes on anything from American Sign Language to Public Speaking.The company has no policy requiring people to be at work. But officials say Googlers want to come in.“We work hard to create the healthiest, happiest and most productive work environments possible that inspire collaboration and innovation,” said spokeswoman Katelin Todhunter-Gerberg. [...]


  • payment in kind (without money) (n.)
  • benefit from (v.)
  • chill out / relax (v.)
  • increase productivity / well-being (v.)
  • make life easier (v.)
  • save money and time (v.)
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You are in charge of one document.

Look at this definition: “perks /ˈpɜːrks/ are advantages or services provided to workers by their company”. What is the French equivalent? Make a list of perks you can think of.

Classify the perks into categories.
Workbook p. 16

Which is your favourite perk?

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmate and learn about the other document.

Agree on the most appealing benefits.

Can this working environment inspire collaboration and innovation? Why?

Useful vocabulary: As far as I’m concerned…
From my perspective, the best benefit is…

Let's learn!


Mention the advantages and drawbacks of working for a big high-tech company.

Ex: I’d love to work at... because...
I wouldn’t like to work at… since...

Over to you!

Participate in the wellbeing@work conference

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or in !

You have been chosen to participate in the 2019 Wellbeing at Work event.

Make a short oral presentation about your dream workplace to the class keeping, in mind the employees’ wellbeing.
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