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Activity 2

The First Lady of physics

The first Lady of Physics
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Look at this infographic.

What is the first thing you notice? Why?
List all the awards or recognitions Mrs Wu received in her lifetime. Which is the most prestigious in your opinion?

What do you think of this woman?

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your neighbour.

What part did Mrs Wu’s parents play in her success? How important is education?

Do you feel inspired by her life? Why or why not? Discuss Chien-Shiung’s life, with these words in mind: “injustice” and “acknowledgement”.

Useful vocabulary: She should have + V-en...
Chien-Shiung’s parents probably + V-ed...
I feel deeply inspired by… I can’t relate / identify to her because…
She was the first woman to… Even though she (V-ed), men...

Let's learn!

Standing battle

Write 2 sentences about each of these women using the facts and figures you discovered on this page. Then, split the class into 2 groups (one group stands for Hedy Lamarr and the other for Chien-Shiung Wu). When you hear a sentence about the woman you represent, you must stand.

Over to you!

Write to Google to suggest the next woman to honor with a doodle

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or !

Choose a female scientist and write to Google to tell them why she should be honored.

Mention her accomplishments,the difficulties she faced, etc. Then, send it to the following address:
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