Activity 4

FBI vs. hacker

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Focus on the member of Anonymous.

What about his appearance and posture?

What is the biggest threat for him right now?

What are his thoughts on protection?

Useful vocabulary:
The hacker looks... The way he sits seems to imply that... He is wearing... He believes that...

Grammar in progress

Les quantifieurs

a. Observez les phrases suivantes extraites de la vidéo :

– I read some of the notes about you.
– I was involved for a number of years.
– There’s plenty of criminals out there.

b. Que remarquez-vous sur la structure du quantifieur ?

c. Qu’ont en commun les mots qui suivent chaque quantifieur ?

Exercices p. 102 Précis grammatical p. 272


  • calm / serene /sɪˈriːn/ (adj.)
  • hoodie (n.)
  • suit /ˈsuːt/ (n.)
  • cross one’s hands (v.)
  • slouch /ˈslaʊtʃ/ ≠ sit straight (v.)
  • smile (v.)
  • smirk /ˈsmɜːk/ (v.) → smile sarcastically 😏
  • turn one’s head (v.)

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmates and learn about the other protagonist of the video.

Compare their answers to the reporter's questions.

Who did you find the most convincing? Why?

Useful vocabulary:
He said / replied / argued /answered that...
That’s why I believe / think / would say...
They have quite different options.
As a matter of fact... As we can easily guess...
The FBI agent / The hacktivist sounds quite convincing.

Over to you!

What you need to know

Let’s use what you have learnt in
Activity 4
and / or
Activity 5

Imagine you have just got a job at a new agency and you are writing your first report on the symbols of Anonymous. Research their mask and their logo and brief your colleagues about it.

Enregistreur audio

What Happens When Hacker From Anonymous Meets FBI Agent, Kjersti Flaa, 2017.


Watch the interview.
Then, click on your path!


Workbook p. 45

Let's learn!

Word game

Select 10 words related to this unit and prepare a word game to test your classmates (crossword, word puzzle...).

Voir les réponses


Focus on the FBI agent.

What about his posture and appearance?

What is the biggest threat for him right now?

What are his thoughts on protection?

Useful vocabulary:
The FBI agent looks... The way he sits shows that... He is wearing... He seems to say that...
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