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Hacktivist: a graphic novel
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Hacktivist: a graphic novel

Hacktivist by Alyssa Milano
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1st Frame:

a) Observe the characters’ expressions and what they are saying. What can you deduce about their situation?

2nd Frame:

b) Imagine what happened “last night”. Explain in your own words.

c) “You inspired at least twenty good men. Soon we’ll need you to inspire thousands.” What does “we” stand for in this sentence?

3rd & 4th frames:

d) What are the two means used to spread their message?

e) What are the differences between them?

f) Which one would you choose to spread a message? Why?

Front cover for Hacktivist by Milano and Lanzing


Alyssa Milano is an actress, producer and philanthropist best known for her work in television and global activism. She started her career very young in the show Who’s The Boss? in the 80s and is still acting today. She was named UNICEF National Ambassador in 2003 and has been recognized multiple times for her charitable work.

Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly had been writing for more than ten years at the time Hacktivist was released in 2014 and have since been writing for DC Entertainment, BOOM! Studios and IDW.

Alyssa Milano

Your time to shine!

You have just been reading this page of Hacktivist. You leave a voice message / mail to your best friend about it. Describe the story (or what you think the story is about) and the frames.
Record yourself and try to convince her or him to have a look at it.

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“The end justifies the means.” Discuss this idiom.


Re-watch the videos of this unit.

→ Listen to how people speak in a casual way.
→ Like them, use pauses, rephrasing and hesitations to make your recording sound even better!

Use idiomatic expressions.

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