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Rushing Corner

Activity 1
WB p. 10

Rushing Corner

Cyprus-Rhodes campus in ABC Family TV series Greek

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Logo for Zeta Tau Alpha
Logos Upsilon Kappa Delta

Logos for Nu Alpha Kappa
Logo for Seal & Serpent

Logos for Delta Phi Omega

You are in charge of one sorority or fraternity from the selection.

Go online to learn more about it. Pick out key words and be ready to present what you find.

a. What is the motto? What values does your fraternity or sorority represent?

b. What activities are members involved in? Do you find these activities attractive?

Useful vocabulary: This sorority offers… They have a strong female network… The activities this fraternity offers seem… Their motto means…
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Let's talk this out!

Share your findings with your classmates.

What are the common points and differences?

a. What values do you share with the fraternities or sororities?

b. Which sorority or fraternity would you like or refuse to join? Why?

Useful vocabulary: I wish I could join… I would become part of… I could develop leadership skills... I think I wouldn’t like being in… because…
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From French to English

La traduction de « appartenir à »

be part of, belong to, be a member of : faire partie de
belong to : être la propriété de (posséder = own)
be up to, rest with : revenir à (pour une décision)

Let’s learn!

Quiz me

List ten new words you have found on the sorority’s or fraternity’s website. Then check their meaning and create a vocabulary quiz for your classmates. You can use

On your way to the task ❯❯ Step 1

Post your reaction

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or !

You decide to share one of these documents on a social network to raise awareness about Greek life and express your personal view on the subject.

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