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Compréhension de l’oral

The Benefits of Greek Life

Avant l'écoute ➜ Lisez le titre ci-dessus et regardez le nuage de mots.
a. Sur quoi peut porter cet enregistrement ? Faites trois hypothèses.

b. Trouvez cinq autres mots que vous pourriez entendre dans l’enregistrement.
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Après l’écoute
En rendant compte, en français, du document, vous montrerez que vous avez compris les éléments suivants :
  • Le thème principal du document ;
  • À qui s’adresse le document ;
  • Le déroulement des faits, la situation, les événements, les informations ;
  • L’identité des personnes ou des personnages et, éventuellement, les liens entre elles / entre eux ;
  • Les éventuels différents points de vue ;
  • Les éventuels éléments implicites du document ;
  • La fonction et la portée du document (relater, informer, convaincre, critiquer, dénoncer, etc.).

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Carol Bellamy

Compréhension de l’écrit

“Greek life often reinforces gender stereotypes, but it doesn’t have to”

Greek life is an institution that has long existed in colleges across America. Fundamentally, sororities and fraternities are meant to bring students of similar values and interests together.

However, an idea that once was considered to be revolutionary, is now being criticized for its rigid standards and outdated attitudes surrounding gender and college life.

For students at Syracuse University, being a part of a sorority or fraternity can mean finding a community and contributing to social movements. But for some, these institutions can negatively affect students’ most sincere morals, reinforcing damaging gender stereotypes and behaviors.

Sara Burke, an assistant professor of psychology at SU’s College of Arts and Sciences said that the way Greek life is organized could have implications for how its members view gender.

“Setting up a structural system that positions male to male friendships and female to female friendships as a result of proximity through living together might have consequences for how people think about gender in their day-to-day lives,” Burke said. [...]

The pressure to conform to social standards can be dangerous. It can result in insecurities, toxic masculinity and, at its worst, cases of sexual assault and serious injuries or death from excessive drinking.

An example of this is the story that came out in April 2018 about the now expelled Theta Tau fraternity. It’s hard to forget the obscene language in this video — the racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia and xenophobia.

However, when reconsidering this story in the context of broader gender expectations, it’s interesting to think about how the events portrayed in that video could be manifestations of a certain kind of culturally accepted masculine behavior.

“If you strongly think of yourself as a member of that group, like being in a fraternity is important to you, then there is going to be pressure to behave in a way that is consistent with the expectations of that group,” Burke said.

Syracuse junior Breyden Ford, a member of Alpha Phi, said Greek life can affect the minds of young women entering their freshman year.

“I think the younger you are, the easier it is to be influenced,” she said. “Freshman year, you can be pressured by guys to look hot and also from girls within the Greek community to fit in and do what everyone else is doing.”

These pressures to “fit in” are not a joke. Hookup culture, binge drinking, drug usage and eating disorders are all effects of peer pressure that are typically reinforced by Greek life. [...]

Greek life is undoubtedly problematic. But those problems are fixable if fraternities and sororities commit to embracing a more encompassing understanding of what makes a community.

“Greek life often reinforces gender stereotypes, but it doesn’t have to”, Emily Cerrito, The Daily Orange, 2019.


a) Pick up the downsides of Greek life mentioned here. How do they contrast with the fundamental values of Greek life?

b) In your own words, explain why Greek life can reinforce gender stereotypes.

c) What does the author mean by “toxic masculinity” and “culturally accepted masculine behavior”?

d) Why do you think being a freshman puts more pressure on students trying to fit in?

e) What is the solution presented here?
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Expression écrite

Choisissez un sujet et répondez-y en anglais en 120 mots minimum.

SUJET A : Texte ci-dessus You are a journalist writing an opinion piece called “The Realities of Greek Life”. To that end, you have collected a few testimonies from sorority and fraternity members. Write the article and focus on the personal experiences of these students.

SUJET B : Texte et vidéo ci-dessus “Fundamentally, sororities and fraternities are meant to bring students of similar values and interests together.” Discuss this statement by Emily Cerrito.

SUJET C : Vidéo ci-dessusYou’ve just watched the video and you want to react. Write a comment and give your opinion.

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