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Verbes irréguliers thématique

Irregular verbs

Verbes irréguliers thématique

Irregular verbs

Actions and sports

Base verbale Prétérit simple Participe passé Traduction
break broke broken casser
build built built construire
catch caught caught atrapper
do did done  faire
fall fell fallen tomber 
get got got obtenir
hang hung hung suspendre, accrocher
lead led led mener
lose lost lost perdre 
make made made fabriquer, créer
spring sprang sprung sauter
win won won gagner 
bite bit bitten mordre

Everyday life

Base verbale Prétérit simple Participe passé Traduction
be was / were been  être
become became become devenir 
choose chose chosen choisir 
dream dreamt dreamt rêver 
grow up grew up grown up grandir 
hear heard heard entendre
see saw seen voir
sleep slept slept dormir 
spend spent spent  dépenser, passer (du temps)
wake (up) woke (up) woken (up) (se) réveiller 


Base verbale Prétérit simple Participe passé Traduction
bet bet bet parier
forgive forgave forgiven pardonner
give gave given donner
keep kept kept garder
meet met met rencontrer
say said said dire
show showed shown montrer
speak spoke spoken  parler
take took taken prendre
tell told told raconter
write wrote written écrire

Cooking and buying food

Base verbale Prétérit simple Participe passé Traduction
buy bought bought acheter
burn burnt burnt bruler
cost cost cost couter
drink drank drunk boire
eat ate eaten manger
grow grew grown (faire) pousser, grandir
spill spilt spilt renverser

School time

Base verbale Prétérit Participe passé Traduction
begin began begun commencer
bring brought brought apporter
cut cut cut couper
draw drew drawn dessiner
forget forgot forgotten oublier
find found found trouver
know knew known savoir
read read /red/ read /red/ lire
ring rang rung sonner
sit sat sat s’asseoir
stand stood stood être debout
think thought thought penser
write wrote written écrire


Base verbale Prétérit Participe passé Traduction
come came come venir
drive drove driven conduire
fly flew flown voler
go went gone aller
leave left left partir
run ran run courir
sit sat sat s’asseoir
swim swam swum nager

What a day!

Yesterday, I woke up and got up.
Did you stand up? Yes, I stood up!
What did you put on? I put on my uniform.

Yesterday, I had breakfast.
Was it good? Oh yes, it was!
What did you eat? I ate pancakes.
What did you drink? I drank tea.

Yesterday, I went to school.
Did you take the bus? No, I didn’t. I took the bus on Monday.
Did you ride your bike? No, I didn’t, I rode my bike on Tuesday.
How did you go to school? I almost flew!! I ran fast because I was late.

Yesterday, I came into my classroom.
What did you do? I learnt new things.
Did you have fun? Yes, I had fun!

Did you stand up? No I sat down.
Did you write or read? Yes I wrote a lot, and read aloud.
Were you tired? Oh yes I was, I thought too much!

Yesterday, I met a new friend.
What did you say? We said hi.
What did you do? We spoke a lot.
And then, what happened? I gave him my number.
And? And we both left!

Yesterday, I got detention.
Why did you get detention? I was late!
And that’s it? And I forgot my copybook.
Ouch!! I made many mistakes, also. Oh! And I fell asleep, I slept in class!!

Yesterday, I fought against another football team.
Did you win? I almost won!!
Then you lost.I lost it all....

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