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No future? No way!
Unit 2
1 • Generations living together

No future? No way!
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How can generations live together and be enriched by each other?

Retrouvez une banque d'audios et de vidéos authentiques en lien avec cette thématique.

Mc Crindle, 2019.

Get ready!

Voir les réponses
Look at the vocabulary below.

a. Select a title for each box.
  • generations
  • women's nicknames
  • actions
  • feelings
  • relationships
  • men's nickname

Box 1
Box 2
Box 3
Box 4
Box 5
Box 6

b. Find other words to complete it.

a. Look at the infographic. What strikes you? Do you agree with the information it contains?

b. Which generation are you? And your parents? Do your answers correspond to your neighbour’s?
Discuss the brainstorming questions.

Read the idiom of the week. With the photos and the note, guess its meaning.


  • interesting /ˈɪntrɛstɪŋ/ (adj.)
  • surprising / astonishing (adj.)
  • worth-reading (adj.)
  • unlike (prep.) / contrarily (adv.)
  • can’t agree with / refuse to admit (exp.)
  • belong /bɪˈlɒŋ/ to / be part of (v.)
  • identify with / relate /rɪˈlɛɪt/ (v.)

Let's learn!

Guess who?

Make a family tree with the classmates who agree to be in your family. Present one of them and make the class guess how you are related.

IDIOM of the week!

Like mother, like daughter
Like father, like son

IDIOM of the week!
In many languages, the idea that you can recognise a person through their child has been persistent for centuries. The role of family education, of the values a parent gives their children, is of the utmost importance.

Mother sea

Father surf

Brainstorming question

Can generations get along well? Rely on one another?

Brainstorming question

Do you have good relationships with your parents?


Intergenerationality 1-2
Intergenerationality 3-4
Intergenerationality 5
Intergenerationality 6

  • confidence (n.) → confident (adj.)
  • cooperation (n.) → cooperative (adj.)
  • defiance (n.) → rebellious (adj.)
  • misunderstanding (n.) → misunderstood (adj.)
  • trust (n.) → trustworthy /trustful (adj.)

  • celebrations / quality time (n.)
  • descendants / offspring (n.)
  • home (n.)
  • love / affection (n.)
  • ties / bonds / relationships (n.)

  • argue about
  • have conflicting relationship with (v.) ≠ get along well (v.)
  • give / share (v.)
  • help / assist / support (v.)
  • inherit / look alike (v.)
  • protect / preserve (v.)
  • rely on / trust (v.)
  • save time ≠ spend time (v.)

  • auntie / tia (from Spanish) (n.)
  • cousin (n.)
  • grandma / gran / granny (n.)
  • lili (daughter, niece…) (n.)
  • mum, mama (n.)
  • mother-in-law
  • daughter-in-law (n.)
  • stepmother / stepsister (n.)

  • baby-boomers (n.) 1946-64
  • generation X (n.) 1965-79
  • generation Y / millennials (n.) 1980s-90s
  • generation Z (n.) 2000s-2010s
  • generation Alpha (n.) 2010

  • son / nephew / cousin (n.)
  • dad, pops (n.)
  • father-in-law / son-in-law (n.)
  • grandpa, granddad, g-dad, pops, papi (n.)
  • stepfather / stepbrother (n.)
  • unk (uncle) (n.)

On your way to the task - Step 1

Write to your great-great-grandchild.

Step 2

Roleplay a meeting of your high school’s video club.

Your final project

Roleplay a funny Thanksgiving dinner with four generations around the table!
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