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Specialists have their say!
Activity 3

Specialists have their say!

Group 1: Anthony Brennan

A revolutionary breakthrough thanks to 
Anthony Brennan,, 2018.

Group 2: Mick Pearce

Termite-inspired Air Conditioning Eastgate (Harare, Zimbabwe)

“Mick Pearce: The Potential For Africa Is Huge”,, 2013.

Pearce’s design process begins with a study of the microclimate of the site where the building will be built. He studies what happens during different seasons with a strong focus on wind and sun patterns in order to construct a building that is site-specific.

The Eastgate Centre, an office and shopping complex in Harare, is a case in point. For the design of this building he studied the way in which termites build and regulate the temperature in their mounds. He employed a similar system of circulating air through a series of vents and chimneys in order to heat or cool the building instead of installing conventional air conditioning.

His work in China saw him designing an office block made from discarded shipping containers. The building is not only environmentally friendly but also addresses the issue of recycling millions of unwanted and discarded containers in the country.

“Mick Pearce: The Potential For Africa Is Huge”,, 2013.
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You are in charge of one specialist.

Look at the picture, imagine what the specialist invented.

Watch the video or read the text. Recap what you understood.

Group 1
The pattern discovered by Anthony Brennan’s team was also reproduced on swimming-suits. Imagine why.

Group 2
How do Pearce’s buildings help the planet?
Useful vocabulary: He was inspired by... He is a / an + profession... His building enables… to + V.

Let's talk this out!


Share your findings with your classmates and learn about the other specialist.

Why are these inventions good for the planet? What consequences can we find to using them?

Useful vocabulary: It aims at + V-ing… It is a way of + V-ing…

Your time to shine!

As a reporter, you call Anthony Brennan or Mick Pearce to collect information for your article.

Useful vocabulary: May I speak to… ? Thank you for + V-ing… It was a pleasure speaking to you.
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Over to you!

Write an interview-based article

Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or in !

The Scientist Magazine is publishing a special edition on biomimicry which includes the interview of a specialist. Use the information you have collected on one of the specialists you studied or another of your choice to write the article.

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