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Land of the free?
Activity 1

Land of the free?

Group 1: The Underground Railroad map

The Underground Railroad, the main routes for the escapees in the 1850s.

Group 2: The code of the Underground Railroad

The code of the Underground Railroad

  • Tracks → routes fixed by abolitionist sympathizers
  • Stations or Depots → hiding places
  • Conductors → guides on the Underground Railroad
  • Agents → sympathizers who helped the slaves connect to the Railroad
  • Station Masters → those who hid slaves in their homes
  • Passengers or Cargo → escaped slaves
  • Tickets → indicated that slaves were traveling on the Railroad
  • Stockholders → financial supporters who donated to the Railroad
  • Freedom Trails → the routes of the Railroad
  • Terminal, Heaven, or Promised Land → Canada and the Northern free states

  • Toolbox

    • northward / westward (adj. or adv.)
    • cotton industry (n.)
    • plantation (n.)
    • flee (from) / escape (from) (v.)
    • support (v.)
    • sympathize / help / empathize / understand (v.)
    Voir les réponses

    You are in charge of one document.

    Workbook p. 94

    a. What strikes you?

    b. What does it tell you about the Underground Railroad?

    Listen to the recording. Colson Whitehead tells about the history of the Underground Railroad and the risks taken by the people involved in it. Be ready to present it.

    Let's talk this out!

    Voir les réponses

    Share your findings with your classmates and learn about the other document.

    Why is it called the Underground Railroad?

    If it was “the Land of the free”, why did the slaves want to leave the US?

    Explain what the Underground Railroad was, using the railway code (who, where, when, what).

    Useful vocabulary: I’m not sure, but I think…
    I believe that the reason why...
    The slaves wanted to go to Canada because… Although…
    According to group 1's document, …

    Over to you!

    Write an encoded song

    Let’s use what you have learnt in and / or in !

    Write an encoded song to help runaway slaves find their way. Think about the content of the verses and the chorus. Use the code studied on the opposite page. You can use the melody of Wade in the Water (see Let's learn! activity 2) or another one.

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