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Book and Movie Corner

Activity 4

Book and Movie Corner

Dawn Raid, Pauline (Vaeluaga) Smith, 2018.

▬ Selection ▬

  • Waiariki, book by Patricia Grace, 1975.
  • The Bone People, book by Keri Hulme, 1984.
  • Potiki, book by Patricia Grace, 1986.
  • Her Majesty, movie by Mark J. Gordon, 2001.
  • Whale Rider, movie by Niki Caro, 2002.
  • Chinatown Girl, book by Eva Wong Ng, 2005.
  • My Wedding and Other Secrets, movie by Roseanne Liang, 2011.
  • White Lies, movie by Dana Rotberg, 2013.
  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople, movie by Taika Waititi, 2016.
  • Dawn Raid, book by Pauline (Vaeluaga) Smith, 2018.

Grammar in progress

Les pronoms personnels

Ils peuvent avoir une fonction de :

sujet : I, you, he, she, it, they
Ex : “Is she one of us?”

complément direct ou indirect : me, you, her, him, it, us, they
Ex : “He helped him to fit in.”

You are in charge of one movie or book from the selection.

a. Read the title. What do you expect the movie or book to be about?

b. Look for information on the Internet. Watch the trailer if you are in charge of a movie. Be ready to present it.

Does it represent a positive experience of multiculturalism?
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Let's talk this out!

Share your findings and learn about the other books or movies.

What is common and different in the way they depict cultural diversity in New Zealand?

Which movie is the most inspiring? Which one would you like to watch? Explain why.

Why is it necessary to represent the diversity of a nation in the media?
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Let’s learn!


Split your paper into three columns:

Adjectives Verbs Expressions

🕐 1 min
A letter will be chosen: you’ll have one minute to fill your grid with words from this page starting with this letter.
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On your way to the task ❯❯ Step 3

Spread the Word!

Let’s use what you have learnt in !

Organize a Twitter campaign on inclusion in the media on a daily basis. Choose a catchy hashtag for your campaign and detail key actions to be taken. Make a list of works, movies, songs or books to be recommended in order to raise awareness on this issue.

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