Activity 1

A history of fashion

The Hippie culture
The Punk style
The Hip-Hop culture

Fashion is an innate part of human society. As a medium, it not only teaches us about a society but also shows the choices of an individual. It helps people define their personality and communicate their beliefs and ideas in a silent yet very powerful manner. In some cases, fashion became the voice of the suppressed and oppressed.

A history of fashion
Adapted from Is Fashion a Reliable Mirror Of Change In Society?, Rashmi Sacher, 2015.

Over to you!

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Let’s use what you have learnt in
Activity 1
and or in
Activity 2

Think of another time period or style not mentioned in the text and write a short paragraph about it. Describe the clothes and what it said about the people who wore them.

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmates.

If you could choose any of the previously mentioned styles, which one would be your favourite? Why?

Useful vocabulary: I’d definitely wear… My favourite would be...

Can fashion be considered a mirror of society? Quote the text and explain in your own words.
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Look at the infographic above.

Workbook p. 44

List the different styles mentioned and describe each of them in a few words.

Which styles do you know? Can you name others? What are their main features? Describe them briefly.


Centuries and decades
20th century: twentieth

The 1960s: nineteen-sixties.


  • empowering (adj.)
  • rebellious /rɪˈbɛliəs/ (adj.)
  • be influential (v.)
  • be typical of (v.)
  • draw attention to (v.)
  • mimic / imitate / copy (v.)
  • raise awareness (about) (v.)
  • raise the question of (v.)
  • reflect /rɪˈfl ɛkt/ (v.)
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