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Trending and collaborating
Activity 3

Trending and collaborating

Group 1: Jaden Smith

Group 2: Lewis Hamilton

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You are in charge of one document.

Look at the picture. Do you know this person? If not, try to guess his occupation. Justify.

Watch the interview. Why is he doing it? What values does he share with this brand?
Workbook p. 45

Who is the target of these collections?

Useful vocabulary: He / She wants to prove / show that…
His / Her aim / goal is to… The idea is to...

Let's talk this out!


Share your findings with your classmates and learn about the other celebrity.

Would you buy their products? Explain.
Why do you think brands resort to collaborations with designers and celebrities or influencers? Why do these people accept?

Do you believe these collections have a positive or negative impact? On who? In what way?

From French to English


La traduction de « comme »

  • En tant que : as + nom
    Ex : Jeremy Scott works as a creative director for Moschino.
  • Ainsi que : like + nom / as + proposition
    Ex : As we’ve seen, being fashionable isn’t so easy.
  • Tel que : like / such as + nom
    Ex : Like Chiara Ferragni, a lot of models design collections now.
    Ex : Some accessories, such as piercings, are still frowned upon in many places.
  • Exclamation : how + adjectif
    Ex : How beautiful this show is!
  • Puisque (cause) : as + proposition
    Ex : As she’s too thin, she won’t be able to walk proudly on the catwalk.
Exercices p. 112

Let's learn!

Guessing game

Select one word or expression from this double page and prepare a definition of it. Make your classmates guess it by reading out your definition.

Over to you!

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Let’s use what you have learnt in and !

Select one of these personalities and react to their commitment by addressing him or her a comment on their Instagram account. @lewishamilton @Balenciaga @c.syresmith @StellaMcCartney

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