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Fashion takes a stance
Activity 4

Fashion takes a stance

Text A
Text A
Stella McCartney made ethical fashion a pillar of her label way before sustainability was a hashtag or buzzword [...] “I think one of the biggest compliments is when I know people go in and buy a Falabella bag or a pair of shoes, or a faux leather skirt, and they have no idea they’re not real leather. I think that’s really where it becomes sexy—where you’re not just providing an alternative for someone who is a vegan. You’re creating a great product. At the end of the day, I’m a designer— I’m not trying to be a politician. If I can’t design something that’s sexy and looks great and fulfills a purpose in everyone’s wardrobe, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation [...] We’re trying our best—we aren’t perfect, but we’re opening up a conversation that hasn’t really been had in the history of fashion. Now is the time for change, now is the time to look at what can be done and how technology can save us.”

“Stella Mc Cartney Discusses How Sustainable Fashion Can Be Sexy — And How Technology Can Save Us”, Emily Farra,, 2017.
Text B
Text B
Balenciaga used its platform to encourage positive change. “It’s about using fashion as a tool of communication,” Gvasalia explained. “I’m tired of just making prints. If I create a graphic, it has to be more, so this season we created a boyband and we created a neverending hotline but the main component is our support for the World Food Programme, which draws attention to the recent spike in global hunger and supports global efforts to end it by 2030. We consider this partnership to be an important step in making fashion useful in a different way and supporting good causes with our products whenever possible.”

“Demna Thinks Big And Goes Tech”, Steve Salter,, 2018.
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You are in charge of one text.

Workbook p. 46

Give a title to the text.

Sum it up (Who? What? Where? When? Why? What for?).

Useful vocabulary: In brief, the text presents… What is at stake here is...

Let's talk this out!


Share your findings with your classmates and learn about the other text.

What are the common points?
List the methods used in each. Which one is the most surprising? Effective?

Can you think of other ways to support a cause through fashion?

What would your dream collaboration be? Why?

Useful vocabulary: It may be interesting to… We may propose… V-ing would be useful…
It would be nice to...
I dream of working with…
I’d be thrilled to collaborate with…

Grammar in progress

Les adverbes

It’s not particularly a difficult job, it’s kind of fun you know. Currently I just work, I don’t ever go and see what the city has to offer so I never really have that much time.
  • Observez la position des adverbes dans ce texte : que remarquez-vous ?
  • Classez-les en plusieurs catégories.
Exercices p. 112 Précis grammatical p. 262

Over to you!

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