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Sustainable fashion
Activity 5

Sustainable fashion


  • ecological (adj.)
  • ethical (adj.)
  • harmful /ˈhɑːmfʊl/ (adj.)
  • necessary (adj.)
  • ecologically /ˌɪːkəˈlɒdʒɪklɪ/ (adv.)
  • systematically /ˌsɪstəˈmætɪkəlɪ/ (adv.)
  • commitment (n.) → commit to (v.)
  • consumer (n.) → consume (v.)
  • impact (n.)
  • innovation (n.) → innovate (v.)
  • pollutant /pəˈluːtənt/ (n.) → polluting (adj.)
  • purchase (n.) → purchase (v.)
  • aim at + V-ing (v.)
  • leave a mark (v.)

Grammar at work

Le présent simple et le présent Be +V-ing

  • Observez les exemples suivants et donnez leur valeur :
    a. I’m here with Calvin putting together this masterpiece.
    b. I want to know that it’s not leaving a negative mark.
    c. Fashion is something that touches our lives every single day.
    • commentaire sur le sujet
    • vérité générale
    • action en cours de déroulement
    • habitude

  • Déduisez-en la règle d’emploi du présent simple et du présent Be + V-ing.
Exercices p. 112 Précis grammatical p. 272-273


Watch the video.
Then, click on your path!


Workbook p. 47
Voir les réponses


What kind of video is it?

Name the event mentioned and explain why they’re there.

What important decision did Emma Watson make a year before? Quote one reason why she did that.

What material was used to make her dress?

Pay attention to the way she is speaking. When does she usually make a pause? Why?

Useful vocabulary: She is being interviewed for…
The clothes are made of…
She decided to / made the decision to...
Voir les réponses


Present the video (who, what, where…).

What do we learn about Emma Watson’s commitment? Explain what is innovative about her approach.

What does it take for a piece of clothing to be considered sustainable? Why?

How can people participate in sustainable fashion?

How does she speak to make herself more convincing?

Useful vocabulary: She aims at…
Her goal is to… She’s committed to +V-ing…

Let's talk this out!

Voir les réponses

Write your own definition of “sustainable fashion”.

What adjective does the journalist use to describe Emma at the end? Is he convinced?

Read the Instagram post by Emma Watson on the opposite page, give your opinion on Emma’s commitment. What limits can you find to this concept?

Do you buy sustainable clothes? Are you now willing to? Explain.

Useful vocabulary: She is inspiring…
She makes a difference…
She’s a role model / a leading figure in the field…
I’m willing to… I would / could definitely do it… I’d like to… I think everyone should…
I don’t think I could… It may be difficult / hard to…
The problem is that...

Emma Watson wearing a sustainable dress made of plastic bottles, 2016.

Let's learn!

Play Taboo!

  • Everyone writes words from the lesson on pieces of paper.
  • Mix them up and play in pairs: you have 2 minutes to make your partner guess the word only by miming it and using other words associated to it.

Over to you!

Defend a cause for a Vogue interview

Let’s use what you have learnt in !

You have been asked to be the editor for a special Vogue issue. In teams, choose a cause that is dear to you. Participate in the interview. Be ready to explain how it’s crucial for all of us to join in this fight.

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