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Women of power
Unit 3
2 • Public and private spaces

Women of power

To what extent have women used the public sphere as a platform for empowerment?

Retrouvez une banque d'audios et de vidéos authentiques en lien avec cette thématique.

Michelle Obama, the US First Lady from 2009 to 2017 delivers a speech to promote education for girls, 2015

Get ready!

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a. Look at the vocabulary boxes below. Find a title for each box.

b. Use as many words from the mind map to define feminism.

Look at the picture. What strikes you? Do you find her inspiring?

Voir les réponses

Discuss the brainstorming questions. Do you think only girls can be interested in this issue?

Watch the video.

Workbook p. 16

Read the idiom of the week. With the photo and the note, rephrase it in your own words and give examples.


  • charismatic /ˌkærɪzˈmætɪk/ (adj.)
  • inspiring (adj.)
  • passionate (adj.)
  • successful (adj.)
  • empowerment /ɪmˈpaʊərmənt/ (n.)
  • leadership (n.)

Let's learn!

Taboo game

Prepare a definition to make your classmate guess the words you selected from the toolbox or the mind map.

Woman first pants

IDIOM of the week!

To wear the pants

IDIOM of the week!
This idiom describes someone who is in charge in a relationship. It refers to the time when women could not wear pants — only men could. So the one who wore the pants was supposed to be the one who had the higher authority as women were not considered the equals of men. Now it can refer to anyone, not only women.

Brainstorming question

Do you feel you are a feminist? Why or why not?

Brainstorming question

Do you know some iconic inspiring women?

Brainstorming question

Can women be fully accepted as leaders in the working world?

Women empowerment

Women empowerment

  • autonomous /ˌɔːˈtɒnəməs/ (adj.)
  • achievement /əˈtʃiːvmənt/ (n.)
  • emancipation (n.)
  • fulfillment (n.)
  • income / salary / wage (n.)
  • labour /ˈleɪbə/ / work (n.)
  • equal pay (n.)
  • hire (v.)

  • be on par with someone / be at the same level / be on equal /ˈiːkwəl/ footing (exp.)
  • activist ≠ advocate (n.)
  • diversity /dɪˈvɜːsɪtɪ/ (n.)
  • equality /ɪˈkwɒlɪtɪ/ (n.)
  • gender gap / parity /ˈpærɪtɪ/ (n.)
  • inclusion (n.)
  • be involved /ɪnˈvɒlvd/ (v.)
  • be respected (v.)
  • influence /ˈɪnfluəns/ (v.)
  • pave the way for (v.)

  • cliché /ˈkliːˌ ʃɛɪ/ (n.)
  • disparity /dɪˈspærɪtɪ/ (n.)
  • gender /ˈdʒɛndə/ roles (n.)
  • glass-ceiling (n.)
  • stereotype /ˈstɛrɪətaɪp/ (n.)
  • be biased /ˈbaɪəsˌt/ (v.)

  • sexist / male chauvinist (adj.)
  • (have) double standards (n.)
  • injustice ɪnˈdʒʌstɪs/ (n.)
  • be discriminated against (v.)
  • be prejudiced /ˈprɛdʒʊdɪst/ (v.)

  • public / private /ˈpraɪvət/ (adj.)
  • dichotomy /ˌdaɪˈkɒtəmɪ/ (n.)
  • entrepreneurship /ˌɒntrəprəˈnɜːʃɪp/ (n.)
  • human /ˈhjuːmən/ rights (n.)
  • identity /aɪˈdɛntɪtɪ/ (n.)
  • motherhood /ˈmʌðəhʊd/ (n.)
  • multitasking (n.)

On your way to the task - Step 1

Introduce one of the candidates before her victory speech.

Step 2

Raise awareness and organise an ideathon.

Step 3

Tweet about an iconic inspiring woman.

Your final project

The media cover Women’s History Month and you want to participate.
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