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1. Identities and Exchanges
Ch. 1
The Canadian Tale
Ch. 2
Go Greek!
2. Private and Public Spheres
Ch. 3
Is It a Man’s World?
Ch. 4
The Roaring Twenties
3. Art and Power
Ch. 5
A Camera of Her Own
Ch. 6
A Never-Ending (Hi)story?
Ch. A
Conscious Art
4. Citizenship and Virtual Worlds
Ch. 7
To Tweet or Not to Tweet?
Ch. B
Digital Passports at Risk...
Ch. C
May I Borrow This?
5. Fiction and Realities
Ch. 8
Chivalry Isn’t Dead!
Ch. 9
It’s GoT to Be Shakespeare!
6. Scientific Innovations and Responsibility
Ch. 10
Breaking the Code
Ch. 11
Green Waves
Ch. D
To Infinity and Beyond!
7. Diversity and Inclusion
Ch. 12
Multicultural New Zealand
Ch. 13
Black Lives Matter
8. Territory and Memory
Ch. 14
Lighting Up Africa
Ch. 15
American Vibes
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Précis de communication
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5 • Fiction and Realities
Unit 9

It's GoT to Be Shakespeare!

Retrouvez en lien avec cette thématique.

How much of Game of Thrones was inspired by the plots and characters of Shakespeare?

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Serious game

Retrouvez un Genially pour rebrasser la séquence .
“If Game of Thrones Characters Were Shakespearean...”, Kimberly Joki, Grammarly Blog, 2016.
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Crédits :
“If Game of Thrones Characters Were Shakespearean...”, Kimberly Joki, Grammarly Blog, 2016.


The Hollow Crown Trailer, 2013.
Get ready!
List all the words that come to your mind when you think of Game of Thrones or Shakespeare. Compare them to those in .

Look at .
a. Who are these characters? What do their names correspond to?

b. Choose one name and go online to find out more about the character, the storyline, the relationships…

Watch .

a. Be ready to present it. What themes can you identify in the TV series?

b. Identify three similarities between Game of Thrones and what you see in this video.

Discuss these brainstorming questions with your classmates:
How much do you know about Shakespeare? Have you watched Game of Thrones? Did you enjoy the series? Why (not)?

Read the . Rephrase it in your own words and give examples.


  • alike / similar to (adj.)
  • modelled on (adj.)
  • an opposing counterpart (exp.)
  • character (n.)
  • draw upon / be inspired by (v.)
  • take after / resemble (v.)

Let's learn!

Chain speaking

Use at least two words from each box of the mind map on the opposite page to sum up what you know about GoT or Shakespeare.
Idiom of the week!

At daggers drawn

A dagger is a short knife used as a stabbing weapon. This expression is usually said of two people or groups of people ready or about to fight one another verbally and / or physically. The figurative meaning of the phrase dates back to the 1800s and has become part of everyday vocabulary.
The Battle of Winterfell, Game of Thrones
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Crédits : Landmark Media/Alamy
The Battle of Winterfell, Game of Thrones, season 8, 2018.
A Game of Words
  • lawful ≠ illegitimate (adj.)
  • powerful / mighty (adj.)
  • crowned (adj.)
  • heir /ˈɛə/ to the throne (exp.)
  • monarch /ˈmɒnək/ (n.)
  • lords (n.)
  • reign / rule (supreme) (v.)
  • wield / exercise power (v.)

  • benevolent (adj.)
  • undaunted /ʌnˈdɔːntɪd/ / bold / brave (adj.)
  • feisty / determined (adj.)
  • fiendish /ˈfiːndɪʃ/ (adj.)
  • merciful ≠ merciless / ruthless (adj.)
  • righteous /ˈraɪtʃəs/ (adj.)

  • vengeful (adj.) → revenge (n.)
  • bear a grudge against s.o. (exp.)
  • seek revenge / avenge oneself (exp.)
  • wage war on (exp.)
  • foes / sworn enemies (n.)
  • rivals → rivalry (n.)
  • rival s.o. /ˈraɪvəl/ (v.)

  • evil / wicked / malevolent (adj.)
  • treacherous / duplicitous (adj.)
  • overthrow a king / a queen (exp.)
  • betrayal / (high) treason (n.)
  • conspiracy / plot (n.)
  • traitor (n.)
  • betray / deceive /dɪˈsiːv/ (v.)

  • gory / bloody (adj.)
  • murderous (adj.)
  • warlike / belligerent (adj.)
  • bloodshed (n.)
  • assassinate (v.)
  • slaughter /ˈslɔːtə/ (v.)
  • slay / murder (v.)

  • historical drama (exp.)
  • plot line (exp.)
  • revenge play (exp.)
  • love (n.)
  • tragedy (n.)
  • adapt to / into (v.)
  • dramatise (v.)

On your way to the task

Step 1

Improvise a conversation between a Shakespeare enthusiast and a GoT fan.

Step 2

Present your favourite female character from either Shakespeare or GoT.

Step 3

Write a film or TV series review.

Your final project

Create your own Game-of-Thrones-inspired story based on characters and plays by Shakespeare.

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