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Activity 2

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1984, by Michael Radford, 1984.

Fake News! The Game,

Have I Got News For You, Hat Trick Productions for the BBC, 1990-present.

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  • 1984, a film by Michael Radford which was released in 1984. Adapted from the book by George Orwell 1984(1949). In it, the world is under strict supervision and inconvenient history is rewritten to match the present.
  • Have I Got News For You, (1990‑present), a British TV show which tests celebrities on the week’s top news stories.
  • Fake News! The Game, a downloadable interactive game where players decide whether a series of real headlines are true or false.
  • Factitious, an online game where you can read complete articles and decide whether they are true or false.
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You are in charge of one document (film / TV show / online game).

Read its presentation in the selection. Search for information about it. Be ready to present it.

How is it linked to the topic of the unit?

Useful vocabulary: This movie / TV series is set in…
It looks quite thrilling / interesting / funny…
It appeals to me… I would like to…
I don’t feel like watching it. It’s not my cup of tea…
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Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings with your classmates and learn about the other documents.

What are their common points and differences?

What is the aim or the message of the people who made them?

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Over to you!

Hoax or not?

Let’s use what you have learnt in and !

Select or invent a piece of news. Be ready to present it orally. The class will listen and classify it into a category:

the truest fake news
the fakest true news

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