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Behind fake news
Activity 3

Behind fake news

Group 1: Ellen explains fake news with fruit

Group 2: The fake news problem

“The Fake News Problem in One Chart”,, 2017.

Group 3: How to spot fake news

“How to Spot Fake News”,, 2017.

Grammar in progress

Les quantifieurs

On choisira le quantifieur en fonction du nom qu’il précède (dénombrable ou indénombrable).

   Beaucoup  (Un) peu
 Noms indénombrables  Much
Very much
Lots of / A lot of
 (A little)
 Noms dénombrables  Many
Very many
Lots of / A lot of
 (A few)

Exercices p. 116 Précis grammatical p. 272
Voir les réponses

You are in charge of one document.

Workbook p. 50


a. What kind of document is it?

b. Where does it come from?

Group 1
Which fruits does Ellen use in her explanation? What does each one represent?

b. Why does Ellen explain fake news with fruit?

Group 2
a. Where does fake news mainly come from?

b. What is happening to the relationship between people and the media?

Group 3
a. What is the “source” of a document?

b. When you try to distinguish between fake news and real news, what are the two categories of elements to take into account?

Let's talk this out!


Share your findings with your classmates and learn about the other documents.

What are the common points and differences?

Which one do you prefer? Do you find the most interesting? Convincing?

Do you think these are fake news? Why or why not?

Useful vocabulary: I think… It seems to me that… I don’t believe…
I can’t buy the fact that... I reckon this must be true / fake because…
My favourite one is… I find it clear… I love the way it + V...

Let's learn!

Two truths and one lie

  • Write three sentences about the documents you studied on this double page. Two of these sentences will be true and one will be a lie.
  • In groups of three, give your three sentences and the others will guess which are true and which is a lie.

Over to you!

Raise awareness

Let’s use what you have learnt in !

You feel concerned about fake news and decide to prepare a video to warn people about it and give them practical advice.

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