Anglais Cycle 4

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Happy birthday America!

Cultural spots

Happy birthday America!


Culture : je découvre la civilisation des pays anglophones.
Réagir et dialoguer : j’établis un contact social.

Did you know?

There are 50 stars on the American flag. They represent the 50 states. The flags of Australia and New Zealand also look alike. The Prime Minister of Australia was even greeted with the NZ flag on a visit to Canada in 1984!

The declaration of Independence


Do you know what the Declaration of Independence is?

There are many numbers in the infographic. Can you read them aloud? Try to be the quickest!

Make your own infographics about the 4th of July today.

Solve the riddles! Each of these 3 things is a July 4th must!

1. I colourfully float in the air to represent a country. I am  
2. Set me on fire and there will be a beautiful show of light in the sky! I am 
3. I am the king of outdoor cooking. I grill meat and vegetables. I am 

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A day to celebrate
The coals are red hot
The flag’s proudly waving
The fireworks are popping
And the band’s loudly playing.
All over the country
we see the stripes and stars
Today we celebrate
this great country of ours.
Hats off !
Along the street there comes
A blare of bugles, a ruffle of drums,
A flash of color beneath the sky:
Hats off !
The flag is passing by !
Sign of a nation, great and strong
Toward her people from foreign wrong:
Pride and glory and honor, ‒ all
Live in the colours to stand or fall.

Henry Holcomb Bennett, “The flag goes by”, 1900.

Online Trends/Youtube


Find another way to talk about the US flag. Why should we take our hats off?

Can you gather words that deal with sound in the poem? And colour?

Match the verses with traditional celebration activities.

Listen to the national anthem.

Here are words from the last 2 verses of “The Star-Spangled Banner”, the national anthem of the USA. Put them back into the right order. The verses have to rhyme. Mind the capital letters!

1. triumph / star-spangled / wave / the / And / banner / in / shall / . /
2. land / brave / O’er / of / and / the / of / the / free / the / of / . /

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Your friend calls to ask for your help for her / his July 4th party. The two of you talk about the organisation of the party. Don’t forget any aspect of the celebration so that the guests have a wonderful time!
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What do you need for your July 4th party? Match each noun with the right drawing.

can / printer / cardboard / toilet paper roll / candle / fabric

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Happy fourth of July!

Happy fourth of July!

Roleplay a phone conversation

Use Vocaroo. Roleplay a phone conversation with your friends...

How far can you go?

A2 I can invite someone simply.
A2+ I can explain how we will celebrate.
Vers B1 I can ask him/her to bring food and drinks.
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