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Activity 2

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Your time to shine!

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You have been asked to write the introductory text to be published on the web page of a TV channel to promote a special programme about the Industrial Revolution. Write a 100-word report (use everything you have learned so far about the Industrial Revolution). Make your programme sound attractive.

Let's learn!

Jeopardy: who invented what?

Write the answer and make your classmates guess the question.
Ex: “He wrote the novel Hard Times.” → “Who is Charles Dickens?”

Oliver Twist, by Roman Polansky, 2005.
Oliver Twist, by Roman Polansky, 2005.


Hard Times (TV mini-series), BBC, 1994.
Industrial Revelations (documentary show), Discovery Channel, 2002-present.
Oliver Twist (film), by Roman Polanski, 2005.
Oliver Twist (TV mini-series), by Sarah Phelps, 2007.
Coal, Steam, and The Industrial Revolution (YouTube video), Crash Course, 2012.

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You are in charge of one film / TV series / documentary from the selection.

What kind of document is it? Find more information about it. Be ready to present it to your classmates.

What vision of the Industrial Revolution does it depict?

Let's talk this out!

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Share your findings and learn more about the other videos.

What are the common points and the differences between them?

What are your impressions about life at this time?

How did inventions change the way people lived back then?

Useful vocabulary: What is the most surprising is...
I can easily imagine how...


  • growing / expanding / augmenting (adj.)
  • raw materials → unprocessed substance / natural resources (exp.)
  • appliance (machine) / piece of equipment (n.)
  • furnace / industrial oven (n.)
  • spin / turn / rotate (v.)
  • steam / vapour (v., n.)
  • improve upon / make better (v.)

Over to you!

A timeline about the Industrial Revolution

Let’s use what you have learnt in
Activity 1
and / or in
Activity 2

As an engineering student, select five important 19th century inventions that revolutionised industry, agriculture or manufacturing.

With your group, decide on the inventions and design your timeline. You can use

Hard Times, British Broadcasting Corporation, 1994.
Hard Times, British Broadcasting Corporation, 1994.
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